O gauge layout

This is a permanent, large, layout offering continuous running and shaped as an inverted figure of eight. Fully operational, work is now progressing on the buildings and the scenic elements.

Station amenities including ticket hall and parcels office, left luggage and lost property office, restaurant and waiting rooms are all fully lit. Interiors still require some detailing and furnishing.

Witty Banter North Signal Cabin with fully fitted and detailed interior. The supporting 3D printed gantry will have further walkways to allow access to signal positions. Rodding will descend from the cabin to the relevant point and signal locations.

Work is in progress to create a rolling landscape over the four removable sections of tunnelling that cover the lower level trackwork.

The five sections of the 3D printed girder bridge that supports the high level trackwork spanning the low level entrance to the station.

The view looking south from the signal cabin. This shows the platform faces, capable of accommodating trains of ten coaches, the through running lines and the two bay platforms. Also can be seen, the 3D printed overall station roof. Work is in progress to construct and install the secondary structure to support the roof glazing.

Percolator Sidings boasts a carriage storage facility with run round loop, a two road engine shed and 70 foot electrically controlled turntable. Plans have been discussed for a coaling stage and water tower.



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