OO gauge layout

This is the club’s newest exhibition layout, which can be transported in one car and is being finished to the highest possible standards. It will allow in due course allow for both DC and DCC control.

Tim Horn laser cut baseboards have been used, along with a mixture of Peco bullhead track and standard Code 75 points, whilst point control is by DCC concepts motors.  The scenery heavily features the use of static grass and many of the trees are handmade. Most of the buildings are scratch-built, but supplemented by kits and one resin cast building.

Now substantially complete, the layout was first exhibited at our own club exhibition in July 2019. Other exhibition appearances followed, but planned appearances at exhibitions in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic. It is expected that the layout will be out at exhibitions again from some point in 2022 and beyond.

Work continues to add the final scenic embellishments.



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