Northleach is a real place in the Cotswolds, but was never served by a railway. It is, however, firmly in G.W.R. territory and there were lines within a few miles of the town.

I have assumed that a locally sponsored railway was built, linking with the Banbury to Cheltenham line at Notgrove and later taken over by the G.W.R. A “goods only” branch also runs from Nortleach to Yanworth, giving rail access to Quarry and Forestry interests. Trains to and from Yanworth have to “reverse” at Northleach.


Beyond the bridge lay further goods sidings, carriage sidings and the junction to Yanworth – but you will have to use your imagination to visualise it. As was often the case, only the goods traffic keeps the line viable and under B.R. it will be an early victim of the “Beeching Axe”.

The layout started out as a test track for my sons to “play trains” on, but I soon saw it’s potential and I set about creating what you see today. The track is Peco code 75, most of the buildings are scratch-built and some of the scenic techniques were new to me, but fun to do. I will leave you to judge the results – I only hope that it gives you some pleasure and perhaps the inspiration to make something of your own.

It has been shown at many exhibitions over the years and seems to have given much pleasure to a lot of exhibition visitors, if their kind comments are anything to go by.

Currently the layout is in store whilst I continue to develop my latest exhibition layout “St.Luke’s”, which made its first exhibition appearance at the Beaconsfield exhibition held on 2nd October 2010 and was also seen at the High Wycombe exhibition in November 2018 – see the details and photographs in this section of the website.


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