NO & OO Gauge

N Gauge Section

The N Gauge members are about to start on a new layout project, which is hoped can be exhibited in due course.

OO (DCC) – Ramsay Quay

This is an ongoing project to create a DCC “Modern Image” terminus layout which can then be exhibited. The track is laid and the wiring is substantially complete. After test running the members involved will be moving onto scenery and buildings.

OO – Thornfield

This is a reasonably new project aimed at producing an exhibition layout which can be transported in one car and finished to the highest possible standards. It will allow for both DC and DCC control.

Laser cut baseboards have been used, bullhead track laid, the wiring is almost completed and work has started on the scenery. Most of the buildings will be scratch-built and some are well on the way to being finished.

O – Witty Banter

This is a permanent, large, layout offering continuous running and shaped as an inverted figure of eight. Fully operational, work is now progressing on the buildings and the scenic elements.


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